We’ve talked a bit about how to choose a fire protection contractor before. It’s an important decision to make for any commercial building. Both during the building’s construction and during regular operations, having a fire protection contractor you can rely on is integral to the safety of your building. If you’re working to find a fire protection contractor for your building, it’s always a smart choice and an operations cost-saver to hire a company that can provide comprehensive installation, inspection, and maintenance of all fire protection and security systems. Here are just a few ways that choosing a comprehensive fire protection contractor can save you money during building construction and in the future as well. 

All Systems Installed By One Fire Protection Contractor

Choosing a comprehensive fire protection contractor means that all fire systems are installed by the same fire protection contractor. When you hire one fire protection contractor to handle everything from fire sprinkler system installation to fire detection and alarms to kitchen fire protection systems, there’s no hassle associated with coordinating fire protection systems that align across the facility. All fire, safety, and security systems are designed to work seamlessly together across the building. 

Reduce Time Associated with Scheduling & Installation

By hiring a comprehensive fire protection contractor that can handle the installation of all fire protection systems in your building, you reduce a great deal of time that goes into coordinating a number of contractors to get multiple systems installed, in a certain order, by a certain deadline.  With just one fire protection contractor, you can give them the final deadline, and let the experts install all of the fire protection equipment that’s required for the safety of your building. Not only does this reduce the amount of time you have to spend managing subcontractors, but a more streamlined installation ensures you’re able to meet your project deadline.  

Simple, Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting is a huge component of any commercial building’s fire protection system. Regular reporting of corrective action, maintenance, or service is necessary to ensure that any commercial building is in compliance with fire code. The easier it is to find and submit regular reports associated with your building’s fire protection system, the better. 

By choosing just one fire protection contractor to handle the installation, maintenance, and service of your facility’s fire protection systems, you’ll have any and all necessary reports in one place, and in the same format. This can speed up any necessary audits, as all reports will look the same, and it makes it easy for the responsible parties to find and submit the correct reports. 

Single Point of Contact for Easy Maintenance and Hassle-Free Emergency Service

Any building’s fire protection systems are integral to the safety of the building. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your fire protection systems function properly. It’s equally important that a facility manager knows who to call in the event of an emergency. When you hire a comprehensive fire protection contractor to install your fire protection systems, you reap the benefit of having just one point of contact for all maintenance going forward, both routine and emergency. 

One comprehensive fire protection contractor can ensure that all of your fire protection systems are inspected and serviced on a regular schedule, preventing any necessary inspections from being forgotten or falling through the cracks. In the event that there is an emergency, the facilities manager doesn’t have to look through files to figure out which provider belongs to which fire protection system. There’s just one number to call, ensuring the right people can get to your facility as quickly as possible, resolving the problem and minimizing any associated damage quickly. 

Choosing a comprehensive fire protection contractor can save you money both in the construction and general upkeep of any commercial building. When one contractor installs all fire systems, your building is up and running safely, faster. Maintenance, reporting, and emergency service are also all made faster and safer. With just one point-of-contact for all systems, you save both time and money now, and in the long-run, as operations associated with testing and maintenance are streamlined. 

If you’re looking for a fire protection contractor to install sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, video surveillance, security, and even healthcare safety systems, Vanguard Fire & Security can help. A comprehensive fire protection contractor, we install, inspect, and service every fire and safety system your facility might need. 

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