Your servers are a vital (not to mention expensive!) aspect of your business — don’t leave them vulnerable to fire hazards! Work with one of our special hazards fire protection specialists at Vanguard Fire & Security to ensure your facility is as safe and protected as possible. For more information, give us a call or contact us online.


Steps To Take: Ensure Your Server Room Is Protected In Case Of An Emergency 

There are some important steps to ensure your servers stay protected. Multiple factors come into play when it comes to protecting your company’s data, one factor that can be forgotten is the protection against an accidental fire. Below are the steps to help protect all the hard work being stored.

  • Fire-Resistant Construction
  • Keep Data Center & IT Rooms Separate 
  • Install Fire Alarms & Suppression Systems 
  • Data Center Fire Protection Training & Inspections
  • Consult a Professional in Data Center Fire Protection

    Unique Data Center & Server Room Fire Hazards 

    There are a multitude of factors that could result in a server room fire. Some of those hazards may be as simple as the unavoidable constant ignition source, electricity. Also, materials such as plastics in printed circuit boards. If your server room or facility has extensive cabling, that could also be a contributing hazard.


    What Systems Are Used To Best Mitigate Them? 

     The goal of fire suppression systems is to help protect your people and your assets, to ensure that your business survives a fire. Vanguard Fire & Security Systems offers many clean agent options for the ultimate protection. The following are: 

    • High Pressure CO2
    • Mini-Bulk Low-Pressure CO2
    • Bulk Low-Pressure CO2
    • Water Mist 

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