What Goes Into Video Surveillance For A Business?

When installing video surveillance, multiple factors are in play. Notifying and reassuring employees is an important step. However the first step is choosing the video surveillance system that best fits your business needs. Video surveillance is a cost effective opportunity that provides ample protection to your business’ most valuable resources, people, assets, and information.

What Are The Benefits Of Video Surveillance? 

Considering a new video surveillance system may raise some questions such as, “What will the cost be over time?” “Will this system really help reduce the risk of potential theft and vandalism to your facility” “How does this system benefit my business?” The following are some benefits of video surveillance..

  • Reduce Loss, Theft, & Vandalism
  • Keep Your Employees Safe 
  • Enable Remote Monitoring
  • Lowered Insurance Premiums 
  • Quality, Long-Term Investment

Vanguard’s Video Surveillance Camera Manufacturers 

Take a look at the variety of video surveillance systems Vanguard has to offer. We offer systems that provide a 360° view to thermal video security, our product line is extensive.

  • Axis Comm IP Surveillance
  • exacqVision IP Servers
  • Flir Thermal Security Cameras
  • Arecont Vision Surround Video
  • Openeye Cloud Managed Recorders 
  • OpenEye
  • Honeywell
  • Sony
  • Siemens Surveillance Video


Hoping to install a video surveillance system in your facility? Contact our team at Vanguard Fire & Security Systems. With a full catalog of high-tech video surveillance solutions, we’re happy to find one that best meets the needs of your industry, facility, and application.