If your business or organization is considering implementing a video surveillance system, you might be wondering how that system will benefit you. Will it cost much in maintenance over time? Does video really reduce the potential for theft and vandalism in your facility? Here are 5 benefits of video surveillance to keep in mind while considering implementing a system in your own facility:

#1 Reduce Loss, Theft, and Vandalism

The most well-known benefit of a video surveillance system is the protection of your assets. Many studies have shown that just having cameras in place can deter theft, loss, and vandalism. In the event that vandalism or theft does occur, with video surveillance in place, it’s easy to get an image of individuals caught in the act. You can provide that video evidence to law enforcement to ensure that suspects are properly prosecuted, and your business sees the rightful returns.

#2 Keep Your Employees Safe

Video surveillance also works to keep your employees safe. Again, with video cameras in place, individuals are less likely to commit a crime, which means your employees can worry less about a break-in while they’re on the property. Studies have also shown that video surveillance can help reduce harassment in the workplace, and provide the necessary evidence in the event that harassment does occur.

#3 Enable Remote Monitoring

When you implement a digital video surveillance system, it comes with the added benefit of remote monitoring. That means you can monitor your facility in real-time, from just about anywhere in the world.

This provides significant protection to your facility, as security personnel can use cameras to monitor even very large facility grounds all from one location, and even when they’re outside your facility. This helps to keep your facility safe at all times, while also providing real-time, up-to-date details on activities occurring at your facility, even in off-hours.

#4 Lowered Insurance Premiums

Though this benefit varies depending on your industry, in many situations, having a video surveillance system installed can reduce your business insurance premiums significantly. Essentially, having eyes on your facility at all times eliminates the potential for wrongful liability suits, which in turn drives down your insurance rates. Some insurance companies also offer discounts for security devices, as they know those cameras are helping to keep your facility safe.

#5 Quality, Long-Term Investment

Ultimately, a comprehensive video surveillance system is a long-term investment that always pays off. Though you will have to invest in the system upfront, it will pay off over time in the money you save with reduced on-site security personnel and improved loss prevention and asset protection.

The other benefit here is that when you install a digital video surveillance system, the entire system is easy to scale based on your needs. You can add cameras as your business expands, without worrying about a huge upfront cost. Once your system is installed, it’s easy to maintain and grow affordably.

Considering video surveillance for your facility? Talk to the team at Vanguard. We offer a variety of high-tech video surveillance options perfect for any industry. Best of all, we’ll design and install a system that suits your unique video surveillance needs. For information about the surveillance technology we offer, and the design and installation services we provide, give us a call at 616-245-8719 or contact us online.

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