Fire protection is absolutely necessary for your organization, to protect your people and property, and to comply with the law. The fire protection contractor you hire to install, inspect, test and maintenance your fire suppression systems can make all the difference in how functional and effective your system is, and therefore, the safety of your employees and assets. Here’s how to choose the right one to protect your facilities.

Comprehensive Experience

Experience that is comprehensive in the fire protection field in terms of types of fire suppression systems, sprinkler systems, and various industries and applications where those systems are used is crucial for a fire protection contractor. Ensure when considering contractors that the one you choose has a wide range of knowledge about all the options for your facility and circumstances.

Industry Association Memberships

When choosing a fire protection contractor, make sure you’re looking at contractors who are members of important industry organizations, like the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA). These associations help keep members up-to-date on equipment, practices, and code compliance. By choosing a fire protection contractor who is a member of some, if not all three of these associations, you know you’re getting the best, most up-to-date equipment and service.

Installation, Inspection, Maintenance and Testing Services

You want a one-stop-shop you can call anytime you have questions or run into an unexpected problem. If your fire suppression system was installed by one company, tested by another company, and maintenanced by a third company, you’re going to run into problems. First, it’s a hassle to manage all those relationships. More importantly, when you’re having everything done by different service providers, things can fall through the cracks or discontinuities can happen, which may lead to system failure.

If you’re looking for a trusted fire protection contractor who can handle just about any fire suppression system out there, give Vanguard a call. We design, install, test, inspect, maintain, and upgrade fire suppression systems for a variety of industries.

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