Regardless of industry, building security is important. In order to keep your people, property, and products safe, you need to invest in a secure access control system

The traditional lock-and-key method just isn’t cutting it anymore, for many reasons. Whether it be a growing number of locations to keep track of or too many issues with lost or stolen keys, many companies are looking to switch to something better.  

The option they’re looking for? A keyless entry system. Let’s talk about what a keyless entry system is and how it can revolutionize your own business’s access control efforts. 

What Is a Keyless Entry System?

Instead of a key, a keyless entry system uses an electronic device to grant entry into your building. In most cases, the electronic device is activated through a card or punch code that’s unique to each employee. 

How Do Keyless Entry Systems Work to Keep Your Business’s Assets Safe?

A keyless entry system is a great way to enforce your business’s security in a way that minimizes disruption to daily operations. It keeps your business safe without needing security personnel to monitor each door at all times. Here’s how the average one works: 

  1. Keyless entry system devices are installed at each of your business’s entry doors. If an extra layer of security is needed in certain areas of the building, these devices are also installed at any necessary internal doors.
  2. Each employee is given a unique access card or code.
  3. The card or code is programmed into the system’s software to allow the employee access to certain parts of the building, on certain days, at certain times.
  4. The employee scans their card or punches their code into the keyless entry system device each time they come to work. 

It’s a simple process, but a completely secure one that allows you to monitor who’s coming and who’s leaving at all times. Some keyless entry systems for businesses even have tracking capabilities to record specific activities and identify high-risk situations. These kinds of technological capabilities just aren’t feasible with a traditional lock-and-key system, and they work better to keep all assets of your business safe, especially your people. 

5 Benefits of a Keyless Entry System for Your Business

A keyless entry system can offer many advantages to your business, no matter what industry you’re in. The tools and technologies of your entry system can vary depending on the particular product line you choose, but most of them have these main capabilities: 

  1. Automatic Locking & Unlocking — All entry doors can be programmed to automatically lock and unlock on certain days and at certain times.
  2. Open Door Monitoring — The system can be programmed to alert you when an entry door is forced open or propped open for too long.
  3. Quick Personnel Changes — Each employee’s card or code can easily be re-programmed to reflect any changes in their work schedule or location. Onboarding, shift changes, department changes, and offboarding have never been easier.
  4. No-Hassle Lost Key Management — With traditional lock-and-key systems, a lost key could result in time and money spent cutting a new key and changing corresponding locks. With keyless entry, you can simply deactivate the missing card or forgotten code and activate a new one.
  5. Comprehensive Activity Tracking — Most keyless entry systems allow you to track the activity of certain doors, departments, and employees. This can help you keep track of who’s going in and out, as well as identify any high-risk situations.  

Discover Superior Access Control with Vanguard’s Keyless Entry Card Security System

At Vanguard Fire & Security, we’ve been keeping customers’ businesses safe with Keri Systems’s keyless entry security system solutions for years. We can help design, install, and test your keyless entry system in a way that’s customized to meet your facility’s unique security needs. Once it’s installed and programmed, we’ll even train your team on safe and effective use of the equipment. 

Our keyless entry card system solutions are engineered to meet all fire, ADA, and building code requirements. They also offer a few additional benefits that some other providers don’t, such as:

  • Integrated Access Control — One easy-to-manage system with integration capabilities that include gate and elevator control, intrusion systems, parking control, wireless control, and more. 
  • Multi-Site Scheduling, Reporting, and Controlling — Schedule, receive reports, and control various entry points from one central administrative location. 
  • Cloud-Based Software — Keri’s Borealis™ cloud-based access control software allows you to access multiple sites, keep your data stored securely, and make changes in an emergency without being present. 

Building security is essential, and a keyless entry system is one of the best ways to achieve it. To learn more about how one could work in your facility, or about the many other security system options you have, contact our experts at Vanguard Fire & Security Systems. We’re happy to recommend some of our high-quality product lines so you can have peace of mind about who is entering your facility. Give us a call at (800) 444-8719 or contact us online.

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