Commercial security systems are vital in this era when companies are faced with threats both within and without, threats to personnel safety and to company property. Here are the 4 components of a comprehensive commercial security system that your facility needs to ensure that your employees and property remain safe and secure.

Access Control

Controlling who is moving into and out of your facility at all times is crucial to maintaining a secure environment and ensuring the safety of your employees, processes, and property, physical and intellectual. Effective access control systems must offer scheduled automatic locking and unlocking, individual door monitoring, and the ability to quickly update access based on personnel changes. These systems may also include keyless entry, intercom access systems, and other features that enhance entry and exit security.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are useful in a variety of ways across your facility, whether for access control, monitoring visitors through audio and video intercom panels, or internal communications. These intercom systems for internal communications can be useful in enabling communication between secured areas or utilize an overhead paging system.

Intrusion Alarms

In addition to controlling access to your facility, your commercial security system should also include intrusion alarm features in case that controlled access is ever breached. Intrusion alarm systems will alert you when there is an instance of breaking and entering, which will deter burglary and theft. These systems can integrate with existing security and video surveillance systems, and even fire detection systems to seamlessly ensure building security.


Any security system in this day and age that isn’t utilizing cameras for video surveillance isn’t a complete system. Video surveillance deters theft and other illegal activities, and also can help prevent such incidents in the act or catch perpetrators after the act. Additionally, video cameras can also be integrated with intercoms and access control systems to monitor visitors to your facility.

Vanguard designs and installs top-of-the-line commercial security systems, complete with high-tech surveillance cameras, keyless entry access control, intrusion detectors, and campus-wide intercom systems. For more information about upgrading your existing security system, or installing a new one, give us a call.

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