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Industrial Fire Protection Specialists  

Vanguard’s industrial fire protection specialists know that every client requires different solutions. If your facility is focused on environmental impact, you may prefer a PFAS free foam suppression system or an environmentally-friendly clean agent fire suppression system. Heavy equipment industries require rugged protection solutions, and other facilities might need superior visual flame detection. The Vanguard team has worked in industrial fire protection for decades. We can deliver the solutions the best fit your facility and your unique requirements. 

Detection and Control Systems

Vanguard installs and maintenances a variety of fire alarm control systems, suitable for any industry looking for advanced detection, notification, and agent releasing capabilities. We offer both analog addressable systems and conventional systems, both of which can feature superior smoke, heat, gas and flame detection. Through years of experience, we have been able to vet products for performance and reliability in the harshest and most demanding environments.
Fire Alarm Control Panels

Vanguard installs and maintenances AUTOPULSE fire alarm control panels, suitable for a number of industries looking for agent-releasing control panels. We offer both analog addressable systems and conventional systems, both of which can feature superior smoke, heat, and flame detection. Vanguard designs and installs systems suitable for small buildings and large campuses alike.

sprinkler system
Foam Suppression Systems
Foam Suppression Systems

Firefighting foam is a necessary fire protection solution for any facility handling flammable liquids. It is an integral component of many companies’ fire suppression systems, which is why Vanguard offers several firefighting foam solutions to suit the high demands of industrial fire protection. From deluge systems and bulk fuel storage tank protection to pump proportioning systems and mobile foam apparatus’, we can deliver the foam suppression system your facility needs.

Visual Flame Detection

Vanguard is an industry leader in the selection, installation, and maintenance of the most advanced detection systems. Flame detection is the fastest form of fire detection on the market. However, the need for speed comes with challenges and the experts at Vanguard have encountered most of them. We will apply our experience, and the results of comprehensive testing, to design and flame detection system that will prove to be effective, reliable and economical.

Visual Flame Detection
Dry Chemical Fixed Pipe Fire
Dry Chemical Fixed Pipe Fire Suppression Systems

Vanguard designs completely customizable dry chemical fixed pipe fire suppression systems suited for high-risk areas. Fixed pipe suppression systems are proven to knock down even the toughest flammable liquid and gas fires and offer exceptional fire detection and suppression for complex hazards. Vanguard dry chemical fixed pipe systems are manufactured to your specific needs, allowing you to choose the chemical agent that’s best suited to your industry, and ensuring we install a system that protects your facility, your faculty, and your assets.

Dry Chemical Manual Systems

Dry chemical manual fire suppression systems are ideal for combating large Class B and C fires, especially in facilities that are remote or working with limited manpower, and that are susceptible to multiple hazards. Dry chemical manual suppression systems can be operated by just one person, but have the capability to quickly knock down some of the largest, toughest fires. Available in capacities of 50 to 3,000 lbs, Vanguard’s dry chemical manual systems can support a number of suppression agents, can be actuated remotely or in person, and are easily configured to protect multiple hazards from one central location.

Dry Chemical Manual Systems
Clean Agent Fire Suppression
Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Vanguard is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly, non-toxic fire suppression agents to our clients whenever possible. Our industrial fire protection team designs, installs, and maintenances a wide variety of clean agent fire suppression systems that offer superior performance, without harming people or the environment. We are a supplier of the revolutionary AQUASONIC water-atomizing Class B fire suppression system that is specifically engineered to protect special hazards, as well as a variety of high and low pressure CO2 suppression systems designed to suppress any class fire. No matter what industrial fire protection solution you need, Vanguard offers a clean agent fire suppression option.

Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

Just like any piece of equipment, even the most advanced suppression and detection systems can fail without proper maintenance. Vanguard has a vast amount of experience dealing with every aspect of industrial fire protection equipment. From the water supply to the very last discharge device and everything in between we’ve got you covered. We would like to say we’ve seen everything, but we are learning every day. Together, we will build and tailor an inspection, testing and maintenance program to meet the specific goals of your facility. We understand that philosophy’s and standards differ from client to client and we will work with you on a program to meet your needs.

Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

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